In this lesson, we will show you how to install the eConnect Plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce. This plugin allows you to link your ManageMore Business Software with the popular WooCommerce shopping cart for WordPress. Once linked, you can import products directly from your ManageMore inventory, and automatically send orders to ManageMore when they are placed on your website.

Note: The ManageMore eConnect plugin requires the free WooCommerce plugin from Automattic, Inc. You must install WooCommerce before adding the ManageMore eConnect plugin. The plugin also requires the eConnect Cart module.



Step 1 – Download the Latest Plugin

The eConnect plugin is hosted on our private servers, and is therefore not available on the site. To download the latest plugin, click on the link below.



Step 2 – Install and Activate the Plugin on your WordPress Site

First, log into your WordPress Adminstration panel. This is usually located at To add the ManageMore eConnect Plug-In, select Plugins … Add New from the WordPress from the menu on the left.

WordPress Add New Plugin

On the Add Plugins page, click on the Upload Plugin button.

WordPress Upload Plugin Button

Then click on the Choose File button to select the file you downloaded in Step 1 (

WordPress Choose Plugin File

After choosing the file (, click on the Install Now button to install the plugin.

WordPress Install Plugin Button

After the installation is complete, click on the Activate Plugin button to complete the activation process.

Wordpress Activate Plugin Button



Step 3 – Configure Plugin Settings

The next step in utilizing the ManageMore eConnect plugin is to configure the plugin settings. To navigate to the plugin settings, select ManageMore eConnect … Plugin Settings from the left hand menu, or click on the Plugin Settings link on the ManageMore eConnect Plugin entry on the Installed Plugins page.

WordPress Plugin Settings Selection

On the eConnect Plugin Settings page, the most important settings for connection are near the top:

  • eConnect IP Address – enter the static IP address or Domain Name for your eConnect Server.
  • eConnect Port – enter the Port Number on which your eConnect Server is listening. (Port 443 is the default)
  • eConnect Password – enter any Packet Password you created in your eConnect Server Setup (recommended)

For more information on setting up your eConnect Server, please see the Learning Center article “Setting up the eConnect Server”

WordPress eConnect Plugin Settings

You may want to review and change the other settings on this page. Be sure to click the Save Changes button on the bottom of the settings page. Then utilize the links below the button to complete the next steps.

WordPress eConnect Save Settings



Step 4 – Activate and Configure the Payment Gateway

To send your orders to ManageMore, you must activate one of the included Payment Gateways. The Payment Gateway serves two functions. First, it obtains a card approval from the Merchant Processor. Second, if the transaction is approved, the Payment Gateway sends the order to ManageMore. In the case of the On Account method, there is no credit card entered and no approval obtained, it only sends the unpaid order to ManageMore.

To obtain a FREE, no obligation quote for a merchant account that works with eConnect, please complete the Request for Credit Card Merchant Account form.

Select one of the links on the bottom of the Plugin Settings page to configure your Payment Gateway. You can also directly select the Checkout tab in the WooCommerce settings, where the gateways are located. For this lesson, we will configure the Cayan Payment Gateway.

WordPress Payment Gateway Settings

Enter the credentials for your merchant account that were provided to you by the payment processor. Be sure to check the option at the top to Enable the particular payment gateway. Depending on the gateway, there may be other options available. The most important of these options is whether to immediately charge the card (Capture) or to obtain an Pre-Authorization only, in which case the capture is performed in ManageMore when the order is shipped.

Be sure to click Save Changes when complete.



Step 5 – Test the eConnect Connection

To ensure that your Website is correctly communicating with your ManageMore software, you should test the communication. This will send a test packet to your eConnect Server, to verify that the server is running, receiving packets, and responding accordingly. To test the communication, select ManageMore eConnect … Test Connection from the side menu. Verify the IP Address or Server Domain shown, and click the Test Connection button.

WordPress eConnect Test Connection

A successful communication will display a notification message that the test was successful.

WordPress Test Connection Success

If a connection cannot be made with the eConnect Server, you will receive an error.

WordPress Test Connection Error

This error is normally caused by one of the following issues:

  1. Your eConnect Server is not running at the IP Address provided, or is listening on a different port. RESOLUTION: Run the eConnect Server program (mmecs.exe), or install the eConnect Service, and/or correct your settings.
  2. Your Website Hosting Provider does not allow outbound traffic on the port specified in your eConnect Settings. RESOLUTION: Choose a standard port such as 443, or request that outbound communication be allowed by your hosting provider.
  3. A firewall where the eConnect Server is running does not to allow inbound traffic ont the port specified. RESOLUTION: Configure the firewall to allow this traffic.
  4. Traffic is not being routed to the computer where the eConnect Server is run. If you are running the eConnect Server on a LAN, this is the most likely cause. RESOLUTION: Configure your router to use Port Forwarding to forward the traffic to the eConnect Server computer. You should consult a network expert for advice on this configuration.


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