Intellisoft Partner Program


Intellisoft is committed to developing and maintaining successful partnerships with systems integrators, consulting firms, VARs and web development companies to enable the successful deployment of Intellisoft-based solutions for the SME sector. Partner members gain access to discounted Intellisoft products and services, training, market development programs and other resources to deliver high value solutions to customers worldwide.

Becoming an Intellisoft Partner means that your organization will be able to provide or recommend real value to small and midsize businesses in a wide array of industries like retail, wholesale, mail order, distribution, telecommunications, and service industries.  Intellisoft Partners not only profit well from selling our industry geared software solutions, but also from implementing our applications into businesses and providing auxiliary services over the years for on going revenue and profits.

Intellisoft’s ebusiness solutions have been rapidly gaining recognition globally in a wide range of  vertical markets.   Intellisoft Partners play a big role in that recognition… by helping locate and train businesses worldwide to implement our leading edge software.  Only by using the most effective sales and marketing tools as well as partnering with the right resellers, will Intellisoft be able to accomplish its vision of  becoming the industry’s premier business software solution for the small to medium enterprise.

If you are looking for products that truly stand out from their competitors while working with a company that values business partnerships, we invite you to take a closer look at Intellisoft.


Partner Program

Intellisoft offers a versatile partner program that is very profitable, completely automated and simple for a reseller to offer to its clients and prospects.  Whether you organization sells our software solutions to clients as part of various services or as an exclusive offering, you will find it is quick and convenient to deliver our ManageMore solutions.  Our partner program begins by simply filling out the partner application form.

We offer two different types of royalty programs. An easy referral partner program or a more hands-on reseller partner program. In either case, you will never have to stock inventory or meet a sales quota  to keep your partnership status.

What is a Referral Partner?

As a Referral Partner, you simply recommend your prospective client to our company and let us do all the rest.  We will demonstrate the software, invoice the customer, and pay you a referral fee for sending the client our way.

What is a Reseller Partner?

As a reseller partner, you are purchasing our software at a reduced wholesale price and selling the product direct to your client for any markup you desire.

All reseller partners are provided access to login to our ManageMore Partner Center.  Once you login, you can use the links provided to manage your entire  partner experience. Your activities available and/or pricing depend on the Level of partnership  you have attained.

Partner Center

Our automated online Partner Center handles everything for you.  You simply login to your partner portal, purchase the product(s) needed at your designated wholesale price, and then invoice your customer at your sales price. Our registration servers handle the immediate electronic delivery of our ManageMore solution directly to your client.