Recurring Billing and Collections

Do you need to charge customers on a recurring basis, for subscriptions or other repeating services? ManageMore’s flexible recurring billing solution is for you. Whether you need to compute charges on a daily, weekly, monthly or any other time-frame, ManageMore is able to create the correct charges, present the bill via paper or electronically, and collect funds automatically.

Flexible Billing Options

ManageMore’s advanced engine can handle any recurring billing need for your company.

  • 28 Day Cycle? No problem.
  • Mixed Cycles for the same customer? No problem.
  • Usage-Based charges?  Again, no problem.

ManageMore is capable of handling virtually any billing situation. No problems!

ManageMore is used by the top billing industries – Internet Service Providers, Telecommunications Providers, Telephone Answering Services.  But we also support smaller organizations – Clubs, Gyms, Landscapers, and Pest Control companies to name a few.  From a few subscriptions to many thousands, ManageMore is the right size.


Bill Presentment

ManageMore’s accomodating bill presentment can satisfy multiple methods of bill delivery.  From printing customized bills, e-mailing HTML or PDF copies, third-party printing and fulfillment, and advanced OCR equipment, ManageMore can tackle the smallest to the largest billing needs.  ManageMore can produce individual invoices instead of a summarized bill.  ManageMore even allows the customer to view and pay their bill online through its innovative eConnect CRM customer portal.


Electronic Bill Payment

To ease collections efforts, ManageMore supports automatic Electronic Bill Payment from your customers.  Utilizing state-of-the-art tokenization techniques, the program is able to keep sensitive customer information completely safe.  Customers are automatically notified of charges made, declined transactions, and expiration date issues.

ManageMore Learning Center

Creating Usage-Based Recurring Charges

In this article, we will discuss how to create Usage-Based Recurring Charges, for Metered Billing. This type of recurring billing charge is used to invoice customers based on the amount of usage for a particular service. Examples of usage-based recurring charges are Per Minute Communications Charges, Telephone Answering Service Call Counts, Bandwidth Internet Charges, Per Message Fees, and Per Visit Charges.

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Creating a Flat Rate Recurring Billing Charge

In this article, we will cover how to create a flat rate recurring billing charge. We will discuss how to charge customers on a regular basis for a fixed fee. This charge can be for any service or intangible item created in your supertrack inventory. Examples of a recurring billing charge are: Telephone Answering Service, Telecommunications Service, Internet Service, Pool Cleaning, Landscaping, Maid Service, Pest Control Service, or any other charge that is done on a regular basis.

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