Inventory Management and Purchasing

Our inventory management features provide simple and straightforward capabilities for every small to midsize business.   This flexible system can track all forms and varieties of inventory.   From simple products and services, to more complex needs such as serialized or lot based tracking, kit compositions, inventory groups, weight-based items, and matrix inventory.  Multi-location inventory management, warehousing, stock counts and cost reporting are all automated for your business.

Automated Purchasing

ManageMore assists in maintaining exact stock levels, by automating the purchasing process.  The program automatically calculates sales patterns and inventory needs to identify which items need to be ordered and generates purchase orders for each vendor. ManageMore automatically tracks back orders, vendor lead time, along with economic ordering quantities to get you the exact inventory you need, from the correct vendor, at the right time.


Serial Number and Lot Number Inventory

With ManageMore’s Serial Number Manager™ you can track individual items based on a pre-assigned or auto-generated serial number. Items are tracked from purchase to storage, sale, return, and resale, if necessary. With a simple click, one can view the entire history of the serial number, and drill and view the transactions involved.

For manufacturers and distributors who need to track lot numbers for their products, ManageMore fits the bill. The lot number of each item is automatically recorded as items are manufactured or received. Then, the lot is tracked through all sales, returns, and adjustments. One can determine exactly the status of the entire lot at any moment. You can also easily zero-in on old or outdated stock.


Inventory That Fits Your Business

Whatever specialized inventory function your business needs, ManageMore has it taken care of.  Whether you require Last-In, First-Out (LIFO), First-In, First-Out (FIFO)  or Average Costing, the program automatically tracks and records costs of inventory and goods sold. Inventory items can be comprised of other items, such as in Kit Compositions or Item Groups to easily affect multiple items at once.  An inventory matrix with variations on color, size, or other criteria is easily managed with one code.  Multi-location operations are a breeze with our easy item transfer and receiving capabilities.   And this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to inventory management with ManageMore.

Inventory Screenshots

ManageMore Learning Center

How to Use the Inventory Explorer

This article describes how to use the Inventory Explorer window in ManageMore Business Software. The Inventory Explorer allows users to easily change the properties of selected supertrack inventory items, with a simple drag-and-drop. You can easily change the category, department, commission structure, sales promotion, and other attributes of many items at once.

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