Serial Number Tracking Software

For some businesses, inventory control is much more than just basic administration of stock levels.  These businesses require serial number tracking inventory for tagging their own products, fulfilling required laws, managing product warranties, tracking repairs, reducing fraud, reclaiming stolen property, announcing product recalls, and much more.   This form of advanced inventory control is typically only found in very expensive and specialized inventory systems.

Serial Number Tracking Software Review

ManageMore’s Serial Number Manager™ breaks from tradition and offers SMEs one of the most cost-effective ways you’ll find for managing the ins and outs of serialized/lot merchandise.  Whether you make your own products that require tagging and tracking, or are reselling a product that requires serialized management for whatever reason, you simply can’t go wrong investing in this powerful management tool.


Lot Tracking

Tracking specialized items by barrels, containers, cartons, crates, batches, or bundles are not a problem!  That’s because ManageMore’s Serial Number Manager™ easily allows you to optionally identify a product as being part of a lot , rather than an individual serial number only.  If you are in a business where the law requires you to maintain accurate records for each unique lot purchase and sale (i.e. medical supplies, meat packers, packaged food distributors, beverage distributors, chemical supplies, pharmaceuticals, etc.), then ManageMore is for you.  When lot items are received into inventory, ManageMore will take care of recording the lot number, quantities and dates of everything purchased.   When you are ready to sell these same products, ManageMore will also make sure that each lot item is properly recorded to the individual that bought the item.


Audit Trail of Items

Quick on-screen audit trail and convenient drill-down feature makes serialized item management a breeze.  A comprehensive audit log is kept on all serial/lot numbers that are ever received or sold throughout ManageMore.  At any time, you’ll be able to quickly lookup  who purchased a particular serialized item and drill-down to the specific invoice that sold it.  You can even see a chronological history of each time a serialized/lot item was purchased, sold, or returned to your company.


Serial Number Tracking Features

  • Fully integrates with Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Inventory in real-time
  • Manage items that require serialized/lot tracking
  • Auto-fill sequential manufacturer serial numbers for receiving inventory quickly
  • Instant on-screen view of all serial/lot numbers for any particular item
  • Full on-screen history of serial/lot numbered product from the moment it’s purchased through the vendor to the time it is sold to the customer
  • Inventory transferring to other locations automatically handles the movement of serialized items
  • Supports barcode scanning for swiftly receiving/transferring/selling serialized items to/from inventory