ManageMore Tutorials

Video Tutorials

Click on the Videos below for tutorial lessons on how to use various features in the ManageMore program.

Adding a New Employee/User – Video Tutorial

This lesson will explain how to enter a new employee/user into ManageMore Business Software. We explain the required fields for entering a new record, and how security is set up for the new user.

Adding a New Customer – Video Tutorial

This lesson will explain how to enter a new customer into ManageMore Business Software. We explain the use of customer templates, time-saving entry techniques, and the meaning of various customer fields.

Point of Sale Refunds and Voids – Video Tutorial

This lesson will explain how to perform Refunds and Voids on the ManageMore Point of Sale.  We cover how to void the entire transaction, and how to refund one or more items only.  We also go over how to tender the refund.

Point of Sale Basics – Video Tutorial

This tutorial explains how to use the basic features ManageMore Point of Sale program.  It covers logging into the Point of Sale program, customizing the Touch Pad buttons and Functions, and how to enter and accept tender for a sale.

Creating a Matrix Inventory Item – Video Tutorial

This lesson will explain how to create a matrix inventory item in ManageMore Business Software.  We show how to create and select the attributes and variations of the item, such as color or size.  We also cover how to select and create the different combinations and...

Promotional Pricing – Video Tutorial

This lesson will explain how to setup and use the Promotional Pricing features of ManageMore to automatically calculate sale prices at the point of sale. We cover how to setup basic percentage discounts, as well as other methods, such as BOGO, 3 for $1, and mix and...

Sales Tax Setup – Video Tutorial

This lesson will explain how to setup sales tax calculation in ManageMore Business Software.  We cover how to define your tax types, your tax rates, and your taxable items and services.

More Tutorials

Click on an article below for a step-by-step tutorial lesson about the ManageMore program.

Automatically Create Purchase Orders using the Purchase Order Wizard

In this lesson, we will discuss how you can automatically create purchase orders to replenish your stock, by using the Purchase Order Wizard screen in ManageMore Business Software. This powerful function can analyze your stock and your past sales, make projections for future sales, and create the Purchase Orders necessary to fill the stock to desired levels.

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How to Use the Inventory Explorer

This article describes how to use the Inventory Explorer window in ManageMore Business Software. The Inventory Explorer allows users to easily change the properties of selected supertrack inventory items, with a simple drag-and-drop. You can easily change the category, department, commission structure, sales promotion, and other attributes of many items at once.

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Using Marketing Automations in ActiveCampaign

What are Automations? Automations are powerful marketing tools in ActiveCampaign, that are used to set rules for automatically delivering SMS and/or Email marketing content to your customers. For example, you can set an automation to send a "Thank You" email upon...

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How to Link ManageMore with ActiveCampaign

This article describes how you can link your ManageMore Business Software with an ActiveCampaign account.  ActiveCampaign is an online marketing automation, SMS and email marketing, and automated sales CRM platform.  This is more than just bulk e-mail -- this is...

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