Order Processing

Efficient order processing is the key to your business.  You may need to process sales orders from your website, repair orders for walk-in customers, telephone orders, or special orders for customer fulfillment.  Having an effective system allows you to properly manage your time and grow your sales.  ManageMore helps companies of all types process more orders for more customers.

Workflow Designed for Your Business

ManageMore will track your orders as they are processed within your organization.  Each stage of completion can be customized and managed, with instructions, and notes for completion by the assigned employee.  As stages are completed, customers can be notified via email or web. Finally, when the order is ready, an invoice is automatically generated and credit card charges are processed.


Automated Shipping Integration

With integration to major shipping carriers such as UPS and FedEx, ManageMore automates your order processing operations. ManageMore determine which items are ready to ship.  Then, you can optionally produce a pick ticket, and verify the items to be delivered.  Finally, the system will automatically produce shipping label, and record carrier tracking information for follow up.

Order Processing Screenshots