Customer Relationship Management

Software to help you focus on the the center of your business — your customer relationship management. ManageMore’s CRM gives you the tools you need to better manage these critical connections. One screen access to all customer history, transactions, payments, notes, emails, tasks and more. Giving you the ability to serve more customers in less time, with better satisfaction. You’ll automate tasks, improve efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, create sales opportunities and increase revenue.

Information at Your Fingertips

Having the correct information while serving customers is one the most important elements of effective customer relationship management.  This starts with easy customer search.   ManageMore’s easy to use lookup feature can find the exact customer you are looking for — regardless whether you type account number, last name, first name, company name, address, or other customer information.  The CRM will immediately find your intended target. Even if your database contains common names like Jones, Smith, or Garcia, the user can easily identify the correct record.

Then, ManageMore makes it easy to solve the customer needs by presenting the user with all relevant information on one screen.  The representative can quickly review all transactions, payments, notes, emails, tasks and more, and immediately take action to solve the customer needs.  All interaction is immediately tracked for future reference.


Email/SMS Marketing

The program’s unique integration allows you to automatically synchronize your ManageMore customer information with your ActiveCampaign account.  Synchronization is instant as customer information and transactions are entered into the ManageMore system. Automated marketing can be triggered based on your customer interactions, and the timing you specify.  For example, a follow up email could be send thirty days after a certain product is sold, reminding the customer of extended warranty options.  Or a text message can be sent seven days afte a sale, with a coupon code for a return visit.  The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.


CRM Screenshots

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