Accounting and Finance

As the backbone of your business management software, our accounting software and finance features help you to track and analyze your revenue stream and improve productivity by requiring fewer steps to accomplish daily routine accounting activities.

Full Audit Trail

ManangeMore’s integrated acccounting features allow for a seamless workflow.  In addition, setup is handled “behind the scenes” to minimize mistakes during daily entry.  Of course, the program maintains a full audit trail for all transactions.


Drill Down Financials

ManageMore’s financial reporting system contains easy to use drill down capabilities, so you can trace every value back to the source document.  Also, you can view the full general ledger effect of any transaction with just a single click.


Multi-Company Ready

ManageMore has been designed for easy facilitation of multiple companies within one program.  This means that you can easily switch from one company database to another in just a few keystrokes — each containing their own set of books.

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