Shopping Cart

The internet has changed the way customers shop.  An online presence is no longer an option for today’s retailer — it’s a requirement. ManageMore’s eConnect™ Cart makes it easy to connect your products to this critical sales channel.  Our shopping cart integration solutions can get you up an running sooner, and with real-time connection to your back-end software.

eConnect™ Cart Review

Our eConnect™ Cart solution is the most economical and most powerful solution you will find for managing your own shopping cart system on the web.  Intellisoft has designed a technology that easily allows you to integrate any web-based shopping cart with ManageMore™ in real-time.  Plug-ins to popular free shopping carts like WooCommerce and  Zen Cart are already included to get you up and running as quickly as possible.


Easy 1-2-3 Setup

Our included plug-ins provide a simple way to connect your database with your shopping cart.  With our WooCommerce plug-in for WordPress, you simply:

  1. Install the plug-in file.
  2. Click activate.
  3. Enter a few settings.

That’s it. You are up and running!


Real Time Integration

Your online sales instantly become sales orders or sales invoices within your back-end ManageMore system.  This means that your inventory is kept up to date and you are able to easily keep the inventory and sales synchronized with your ManageMore system. Basically, you have total flexibility to create or use the shopping cart that best fits your company needs while benefiting from a complete real-time integration to the ManageMore accounting system.


Quick Inventory Sync

With eConnect Cart, there is no more double entry of items in your back end system and your online shopping cart.  Simply mark the products that you want to include in your online store.  Then select the import process in our plug-in.  All the items, their descriptions, prices and image information is automatically transmitted and synchronized to the website.  Just upload the images, and you are ready to go.