Customer Web Portal

The internet has changed the way customers and businesses interact with each other.   In this new eBusiness era, customers are beginning to expect more conveniences from the companies they do business with.  At the same time, many enterprises are looking for ways to reduce overhead and streamline customer interactions.  A customer web portal is a way to satisfy both of these concerns.

Customer Web Portal Review

With ManageMore’s eConnect™ CRM Interface, you bridge the gap between your ManageMore Business Software and your customers.  Using the internet as your customer web portal, your customers can interact in real-time with their own account and services that you sell to them.

Our eConnect™ CRM is all about customer service. Customers are wanting more conveniences from the businesses they work with. With this unique customer web portal, you can supply your clients with a unified online customer history, so you can deliver seamless service and first-contact resolution to customers. From a user-friendly, web-based interface, your customers gain a complete 360-degree view of customer data and allows for instant online payment resolution which facilitates efficient long-lasting loyal customer relationships.



The benefits of having a real-time, 24-hour, online customer web portal are numerous.  Chiefly among them are:

  • Improves customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty
  • Enhances office productivity while lowering service costs
  • Improves response time and response accuracy
  • Works with your customer’s existing web browser
  • Provides a bridge between your database and your customers

Another added benefit with eConnect™ CRM is its ability to be used for other custom applications.  eConnect™ CRM is provided as a flexible open source API that allows you to modify it to provide a true online customer service center that looks you spent a million dollars to produce.


Quick Implementation

With eConnect CRM, you dont have to hire programmers or web designers to get up and running. Our easy plug-in to WordPress will add customer web portal functionality to your site in minutes. If you don’t prefer WordPress, you can upload a stand-alone PHP application that is configured with a few simple settings.


Safe and Secure Access

With the eConnect architecture, your valuable database is indirectly accessed through our ultra-secure middleware application. This way, there is no chance of a hacker gaining access to your customer’s information through the customer web portal. You and your customer can rest easy that there will be no chance of their information being compromised.