Task Management

Losing track of your tasks, appointments or work?
Need to delegate tasks to personnel in an organized and simple manner?

Relax.  With ManageMore’s Task Complete, managing and tracking all tasks, appointments and jobs you or your team are working on is easy and painless. Task Complete helps you to not forget –  giving you an instant snapshot of what work you (or your personnel) have outstanding.  Task management has never been so easy!

Task Management Review

Task Complete™ is designed to help you and your staff get organized and stay organized – whether you use Task Complete™ personally or as a work delegation system for assigning responsibilities to others.  ManageMore’s database technology is leveraged to provide you with fast on-screen overview of all pending tasks, built-in reports, task templates, and business rules which all employees must follow when creating or completing a task.  An easy to use graphical user interface allows you to enter an unlimited number of tasks, jobs, appointments, reminders, to do’s and more.  Best of all, its tight integration with ManageMore’s accounting and CRM system means that tasks are easier to produce, eliminate double-entry typing, and are permanently archived for quick review within ManageMore’s Customer Care system.

Also, different from some popular groupware applications like Microsoft Outlook, it is not necessary to obtain expensive mail server software (like MS Exchange Server) or implement unsupported Microsoft Mail services  to deliver a task to someone.  Task Complete™ handles everything internally. Just like MS Outlook, a user is notified the moment a task has been assigned to them and when they must complete it.


No More Excuses

“I thought it was due tomorrow.”,  “I forgot all about it.”, “I didn’t know it was high priority?”,
“I thought YOU were going to take care of that issue.”,  “I thought your were kidding.”

These and many other poor excuses are typical when verbal delegation of work occurs within an organization.  The busy workday seems to blur many employees’ responsibilities and mistakes ultimately occur.  Our task management software is all about organization and responsibility.  Managers, supervisors, and other key personnel can rest assured that when a job is handed down to someone within the organization… it gets done on time and exactly as requested. Specific instructions, notes, and contact information can be easily provided on each task that is created.  An employee assigned to a task can quickly view all pending requests they must accomplish for today, tomorrow and the near future.  When tasks are complete, an employee merely checks off the task and it is easily removed from his/her list of responsibilities.  It’s that simple.


Organize Departments Quickly

Assign all personnel routine tasks they must complete.  Growing SMEs with 20 or more employees may find it a chore to assign an individual task to each person within a department. Not so with this task management software! One can easily create a single task that notifies all personnel within a department of such things like company meetings, vacation scheduled reminders, new company policies, holiday hour reminders, employee warnings and advisories, company announcements, etc.  It is a truly fast and efficient way of getting a message to everyone without the need for memorandums, loud speaker interruptions, or personal visits to each person’s desk.


Recurring Tasks

Do you have certain responsibilities that occur daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or any interval in-between?  Sure you do… every business does. With Task Complete™, a task can automatically recur without having to re-make a new task over and over again.  Weekly meeting reminders, monthly service call reminders  to clients, quarterly tax filing reminders, annual birthday reminders, and annual salary review reminders are just a few of the many things that your business may want to setup as a constantly repeating task.


Automatic Task Distribution

No more complaints from employees that claim sales leads, paperwork, or customer call backs are unfairly being dispersed within your business.  This is because our task management software offers a unique round-robin technique for assigning tasks to employees within a department.  Simply activating this feature will ensure that the next employee within a department is given the job, lead, or assignment.


Instanty Invoice Completed Task

Create Invoices easily for those scheduled service calls and routine jobs. For businesses that revolve around completing jobs and then billing customers for services rendered, Task Complete is the tool for you.  One can easily create several different task templates (i.e. Basic Service, Deluxe Service, etc.) which are associated to certain service charges, so that when a task is completed, ManageMore automatically generates the invoice for you.  This time-saving feature dramatically reduces errors, and helps a service business run smoothly.


Customized Tasks

Personalize your tasks to your business model with just a few mouse clicks.  Like many other sections within ManageMore, a task can have a predefined template to help fill in your tasks quickly and easily.  A task can also include up to 16 user-defined fields to further customize Task Complete™ to your liking.

Once you start using ManageMore’s Task Complete, you’ll wonder how you or your team managed without it!