In this article, we will explain how to install ManageMore Services. Services are programs that are always running, as long as the computer is powered on. ManageMore services are used for the eConnect Server, which responds to internet requests from Customer Portals and Shopping Carts, and for IntellAlert Notifications that are time and date based.

ManageMore Services consists of three programs:

ManageMore Daemon Service. This program is used to install and control the other services. It must be installed first, before other services are installed.

ManageMore Service Cache. This program handles requests from other services, such as sending e-mail for eConnect, and sending IntellAlert Notifications that are time and date based.

ManageMore eConnect Server. This program responds to internet requests from Customer Portals, Shopping Carts, and Mobile Applications.


Step 1 – Determine the Workstation that will Run Services

The first step in installing services is to determine which workstation will run the services. The services can be run on your server, as long as the server is able to access the ManageMore database (i.e., the data path is valid on the server). If you are using the eConnect Server, you will need to be sure that external internet traffic is being routed to this computer for the eConnect port used.


Step 2 – Run and Install the ManageMore Daemon Service

On the computer that you will be using to run the services, navigate to your ManageMore program folder, using Windows Explorer. Locate the MMDaemon application (.exe file) in this folder. Right click the program, and choose to “Run as Administrator.”

Run ManageMore Daemon Service as Administrator

On the ManageMore Daemon program, click the “Advanced” button to show the Installation Options section. Choose the ManageMore Daemon Service in the Service selection field. Then click the “Install Service” button. You should notice the service install and automatically start running in the list box above.

Install ManageMore Daemon Service


Step 3 – Install Service Cache and eConnect

Just as before, select the ManageMore Service Cache in the Service selection field, and click the “Install Service” button. Again, you should notice the service to install and begin running immediately. If you will be using the eConnect program, select its service and also select the Company that will be connected to the service. Once again, click on the “Install Service” button to install and run the service.

If you are having trouble with services not starting automatically, you may need to assign user rights to the service. Please contact technical support for assistance.