Sales Order Software

ManageMore sales order software solutions are designed to generate and manage pre-invoice documents.  Whether your business relies on  work orders, service orders, repair orders, requisition orders, web orders, etc. — ManageMore sales order software will improve the daily work flow of your business.

Sales Order Software Review

Depending on your business model, standard invoicing software may not be a very efficient way of processing orders.  Certain businesses which generate sales by mail order, telemarketing, or ecommerce require a different approach to the invoice process.  This is because these businesses generally do not deal face-to-face with customers like a typical retail storefront.  Establishments which rely on sales by means of MOTO (mail order, telephone order), fax, service visits, and/or the internet, demand software that can support sales order processing.  Sales Order Pro™ is that solution.

Sales order processing is a form of pre-invoice administration which allows you to deal with issues like order changes, cancellations, partial shipments, back orders, payment plans, and sales approvals without the need to do time-consuming voids, refunds and partial invoice transactions.  Sales order documents are also referred to by many different names depending on the business you are in– layaways, work orders, service orders, repair orders, requisition orders, web orders, etc. all refer to the same concept of creating an interim order document which does not affect accounting and inventory until becoming an invoice.

ManageMore’s Sales Order Pro™ addresses the need for sales order processing by delivering a powerful order entry system for creating and managing sales orders.  This advanced sales order software tool allows you to accomplish all standard ordering functionality such as editing an order, canceling an entire order or just the unfulfilled portion, and even deciding the manner in which payment will be received for an order– before invoicing or afterwards.  Our sales order software also handles the administration of partial shipments and back orders which are automatically managed through our unique sales order fulfillment process.  Read on to discover many practical applications where Sales Order Pro can benefit your business.


Better Customer Interactions

Change the way you do business and interact with remote customers the right way.
Too often, SMEs rely on direct invoicing procedures for their sales because that is what they are used to or because they don’t know any better.  Sales generated from mail, telephone, web, etc. often create unforeseen problems that do not occur during normal point-of-sale transactions.  ManageMore’s sales order software is designed to eliminate these headaches and get your company moving on the right path to success.

For instance, in a POS environment, there is no possibility of back orders because a customer would have their desired merchandise at the time of checkout.  On the contrary, when orders are placed remotely, there is always the possibility that several or more customers could simultaneously request an item where your inventory levels will run out of stock.  Voila! You are now on back order.

Using Sales Order Pro, all back orders and partially shipped orders can be viewed, cancelled, modified or shipped later when inventory is received.  While using traditional invoicing software, this same out-of-stock problem would have caused tremendous work in reversing all unfulfilled invoices, charging back credit cards, and having to keep manual reminders of when to re-invoice the customer at a later time.  Ultimately, when it comes to back orders, you cannot go wrong with this sales order software solution.


Automated Shipping

ManageMore can automate the manner in which orders are received and shipped by your warehouse.  With sales order software, businesses whose sales are structured around merchandise being shipped from a centralized warehouse, stockroom or shipping facility (e.g. wholesalers, distributors, mail order centers, etc.) will be able to streamline and minimize the steps involved in getting a product out the door.  Through the use of our innovative sales order fulfillment process, one can create a sales order from anywhere within one’s organization, and immediately have warehouse personnel handling the rest of the invoice and delivery process… all without ever getting up from one’s chair.

Your shipping department will be able to handle all incoming sales orders through a simple one-screen operation.  Orders will gracefully start appearing on-screen with percentages of items in-stock, shipment method, customer information, originating store location, employee who placed the order and more.  Your shipping personnel can easily print pick tickets for gathering merchandise, and then ultimately produce an invoice for shipment with a simple click of the mouse.  Back ordered items are kept hidden from the shipper’s view at all times and will automatically appear when inventory items are replenished.  You can even setup the sales order process to charge a customer’s credit card only after the shipping department has confirmed that merchandise is available and ready for shipment.  Sales Order Pro is clearly a powerful addition to any warehouse driven business operation.


More Secure Retail Operations

With ManageMore, you can easily create a super secure retail establishment by separating merchandise and monies. Two problems every growing business faces is employee fraud and merchandise theft.  Businesses are always looking for ways to reduce this growing trend of white collar crime. Using techniques that are made easier through Sales Order Pro, one can revamp the manner in which one’s retail store is set up for conducting business.  Depending largely on the size of your retail operation and the layout of your business, you may be able to employ a technique whereby shoppers are presented with limited merchandise on store shelves.  Through the use of empty retail boxes or open-item merchandise placed on your shelves, a customer can still review any merchandise, but would require making note of the item code or grabbing a marked ticket for purchasing selected products at checkout time. Purchased items are then picked up by the customer in another area of your establishment where the product is awaiting them.  By separating expensive merchandise in plain view of the customer, you clearly limit the chance of theft.  This also makes it more difficult for store clerks to be involved with the theft of expensive items.  In fact, this technique has actually been successfully used for years by large retail stores like Circuit City and Office Depot.

The benefit offered by our sales order software is similar to the examples mentioned above with shipping warehouses except that no product is actually mailed, but rather picked up by the customer.  Using the sales order fulfillment process, personnel situated in a secure area of your business would be quickly informed of purchases made at customer checkout time.  This will give your warehouse staff advanced notice in order to gather product for customer pick-up.  Who would have thought that sales order processing could also benefit retail stores?
Well, now you know.


Service-Oriented Business

Organize service businesses through proper document management procedures. Service-oriented businesses that rely on service visits, repair requests, house calls, outside appointments, bid estimates, etc. truly need the benefits provided by our sales order software.  By being able to create work orders, service orders, repair orders and other alias related sales orders, one can organize your upcoming sales while simultaneously creating documents that will instruct service personnel on exactly what is being requested by the customer.  Due to the nature of most service businesses, it is also not uncommon to expect additions or changes to the original order.  Not a problem with Sales Order Pro! Your staff can easily amend a work order in any fashion before a final invoice is ever produced.  This eliminates all the messy accounting transactions that would otherwise be necessary if an invoice was created first.   Through the use of sales order software, you will begin to build a better accounting procedure for organizing the request of products and services from your customer base.