This page is intended to provide you with information to aide you in a smoother transition from your prior software solution to ManageMore Business Software. We have provided a guideline of common techniques/tips that can be used to ensure that your automated data conversion is as accurate as possible.

After countless data conversion processes performed over the years, Intellisoft has been able to compile the most common problems that could occur during a data conversion. A list of things to check for has been provided below:


Accounting Related Tips

  1. Verify the grand total accounts receivable matches that of your prior outstanding debt recorded in your old accounting software.
  2. Verify some customers with credit balances existing from your prior software.


Customer Related Tips

  1. Verify the total number of customer records matches that of your prior software.
  2. Verify customers with long addresses. ManageMore can only hold 40 characters
    per address line. If your prior software allowed for more than 40 characters
    on an address line, it may get cut-off.
  3. Verify the tax codes that converted for your customers. This may be a tricky problem depending on how close your prior software’s taxing structure was compared to ManageMore. Ask our conversion dept. about a special utility we can provide you to help fix tax codes quickly, if they do not come over correctly.


Billing Related Tips

  1. Verify billing terms came over correctly. Customers that were monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, etc. should match your prior billing software.
  2. Verify that all recurring charges converted correctly. Randomly check for different recurring charges on certain customers and be certain that the recurring charge is accounted for.
  3. Verify the prepaid months calculated correctly for non-monthly service billed into the future. Each prepaid month denotes one calendar month skipped during the generating of statements.
  4. Verify that disconnected service came over correctly as well as active service by randomly checking a few customers of each status.
  5. Verify the conversion of dual phone numbers on a single capcode. The extra phone number is sometimes tricky to convert depending on the billing software you were using. This sometimes has to be corrected manually.


Note: A great idea for ultimately ensuring that all successful future billings are accurate between old and new software programs is to run an entire billing process on your old software and do the same with ManageMore. Immediately afterwards, compare your accounts receivable totals between the two programs. The totals should be extremely close to each other. Don’t forget to backup/restore your programs back to their original state afterwards.


Data not brought over during a Software Conversion

  1. We do not convert Invoice or payment histories of any kind. We recommend you keep a copy of your prior business software for reviewing any historical information in the short-term.
  2. Customer aging will always be treated as less than 30 days old. If this is a
    serious problem, please call our conversion dept. for alternate solutions.
  3. Any setup values from your old software such as late fee amounts to charge,
    default rates, security, product inventory, etc.


More Helpful Tips Regarding Data Conversion

Tip #1: It is not imperative to check each customer account in the entire database to determine correctness. Checking a random group of customers with different characteristics like unique billing terms, different billed services, special rates, unusual billing address, specific tax codes, specific store locations, etc. will be sufficient to determine if problems exist in the conversion.

Conversion flaws tend to be fairly consistent and when one error is found, any similar characteristics will tend to have the same conversion flaw. Remember, a data conversion program is systematic in its method of converting data and will rarely cause a random flaw throughout the conversion process. This is why it is not necessary to check each and every customer in a database, just some customers with different attributes.

Tip #2: When checking the converted database against your prior billing/accounting software, some data differences may exist if the database copy sent for conversion was still being modified at your office during the time Intellisoft was developing this conversion file. One suggestion to eliminate this problem would be to make a mirror copy of your prior billing/accounting software onto another area of the computer hard disk and sending us your database from this mirror copy. This will allow you to review the data conversion against a mirror copy of your prior software that was untouched during
any elapsed period of time.

Tip #3: Many customers try to run both ManageMore and their old software at the same time for a few weeks before completely switching off their old software. This synchronized or “parallel” software technique (i.e. employee entering data twice in each software program), rarely works so WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS. It only causes more data entry errors than ever before and creates an incredible workload on your staff.

Tip #4: It is strongly recommended that you train your employees on the new software and let them play with a demo copy of the program with sample data of your conversion. This will get them more familiar with the product and make the transition much smoother. Spend at least one day entering information into the ManageMore program for practice only while continuing to work on your prior accounting program.


Disclaimer: The above information is intended for reading purposes only and does not imply, in any manner, that there will be no errors in data conversion, or that the above mentioned items are the only possible problems that could occur in a data conversion. It is solely your responsibility to ensure that the data conversion is accurate and usable.