POS Hardware Compatibility

Looking to build your own POS Workstation?

Our ManageMore Product uniquely integrates its robust business software package with a powerful Point of Sale (POS) solution for Retail Businesses of all types. The best part of our POS system is that you get to decide what equipment is important to you for your business.

POS Customer Facing Display
POS Cash Drawer
POS Receipt Printer
POS Barcode Scanner
POS Magnetic Card Reader
POS Label Printer
POS Pole Display

Save big dollars by constructing your own POS workstation with the features important to you.  We’ll show you how!

There are many POS manufacturers in the market today, and Intellisoft has engineered ManageMore to be compatible with the most popular vendors.  This means that existing businesses will  most likely never need to discard  their investment in existing POS equipment, and new businesses will have many options to choose from.

Below is our list of preferred POS equipment manufacturers. Although our software may be compatible with other manufacturers not listed below, we cannot guarantee full compatibility with all POS devices made on the market or devices that claim to emulate/clone manufacturers listed below. If you are new to POS equipment, feel free to contact us for recommendations!


Scanner must be a Keyboard/USB input model.
  • POS Barcode Scanner
  • Metrologic
  • PSC
  • IDTech
  • Intermec
  • Wasp
  • Unitech
  • Opticon
  • Data Logic
  • Honeywell
  • Symbol

Cash Drawers

Drawer must be printer driven (usually attached to a receipt printer) or Serial Port based model.
  • MS Cash Drawer
  • APG Cash Drawer
  • Logic Controls
  • Indiana Cash Drawer
  • MMF
  • CBM Metal
  • PosiFlex

Card Readers

Card Reader (also referred to as a Stripe Reader) must be a Keyboard/USB/HID input model.
  • POS Magnetic Card Reader
  • MagTek
  • POSX
  • ID Innovations
  • IDTech
  • Logic Controls
  • Opticon
  • Wasp
  • Unitech
  • PSC

Customer Facing Displays

Customer Facing Display requires dual display video card.
  • POS Customer Facing Display
  • Samsung
  • ViewSonic
  • HP
  • Dell

Data Collectors

Data Collectors must be able to produce output in an ASCII Fixed Length or CSV format.
  • POS Data Collector
  • Unitech
  • PSC
  • Metrologic
  • Opticon

Receipt Printers

Receipt printers require a true Windows based printer driver.
  • POS Receipt Printer
  • Epson
  • Citizen
  • Star
  • Samsung
  • Ithaca
  • Dell

Label Printers

Label printers require a true Windows based printer driver.
  • POS Label Printer
  • Zebra
  • Cognitive
  • Dymo

POS Keyboards

POS Keyboards may contain built-in MSR and Barcode Reader.
  • POS Keyboard
  • Cherry
  • Logic Controls
  • Wasp

Pole Displays

Pole Display must be a Serial Port/USB based input model and must emulate Logic Controls.
  • POS Pole Display
  • Logic Controls
  • Partner Tech
  • POSX XP8200

DISCLAIMER: Intellisoft Solutions, Inc. is not affiliated with any of the manufacturers or vendors mentioned on this page. We cannot guarantee the reliability or compatibility of all POS equipment from the manufacturers mentioned above due to new models periodically introduced into the market. We strongly recommend customers who purchase the latest POS equipment to select popular models and/or buy from a reputable POS system vendor with an exchange or return policy.