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Loyalty/Rewards Program Module

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About Loyalty/Rewards Software

Without customers, you don't have a business. But it's difficult and costly to land a customer. So once you have a customer, how do you keep them coming back? That's where customer retention and loyalty programs come in.

The longer your customers stay loyal the more profitable they are for your business. The average U.S. household belongs to an average of 15 loyalty programs. They see the benefits and love the rewards. You can see the benefits and reap the profits. We make it easy for you so you can make it easy for your customers to be loyal to you and your business with the right loyalty marketing program and tools.

It should be no surprise that the best source of revenue is a past customer and yet most businesses don't do enough to get their most valuable buyers to keep coming back consistently. Often, it's simply too difficult to manage reward programs for a small/midsize business. The more innovative the reward program, the more complex it typically becomes to deal with.

ManageMore's powerful built-in customer tracking and loyalty features will help businesses of any size or type; using a Loyalty/Rewards program within a point of sale system has been proven to increase sales by over 20%.

ManageMore's Loyalty/Rewards Program module can be used at the point of sale to quickly track customer buying habits and reward them for coming back and doing business with you.

By issuing customer loyalty cards, you will be able to analyze better your customer needs and at the same time provide them a system where they earn points and other bonuses while giving them a physical reminder of your business in their wallet.

A few examples of popular loyalty/reward programs include:

  • Spend $100 with us and get a free $10 gift card
  • Buy 5 widgets, get the next one free on your subsequent visit with us
  • Earn 100 reward points and get a 10% discount on xyz product(s) on your next visit
  • Earn 10,000 points and get two free tickets to Hawaii


ManageMore's Loyalty/Reward Program module will allow you to create a flexible reward point system that is based on your customer's buying habits. The rest is up to you on how you want to reward your customers and drive repeat business back to your establishment.


Loyalty/Rewards Program Features
Automatically reward your customers for frequent visits by providing discounts on future purchases
Develop a customer rewards point program that provides incentives based on a sale quantity of x product(s) or based on cumulative dollars spent with your company
Reward points can automatically provide instant reward notifications at the point of sale or can accrue and be used toward special offers you provide for reaching certain point totals
Customer can be quickly identified at the point of sale by scanning/swiping their loyalty card at any point during the sale
Customer is kept abreast of their total reward points each time they buy and receive their sales receipt.



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